The Grand Tour Is Back!

The Grand Tour Is Back!

The Grand Tour
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The former presenters of BBC’s Top Gear (UK) Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May with Amazon Prime will air the second season of their motoring show “The Grand Tour” on the 8th of December, 2017. The Grand Tour Season 1 was without a doubt one of the biggest online streaming hits and fans have been waiting impatiently for the second season to go on air.

If we go back a couple of years, everyone was crushed and heart broken with the news of first Jeremy quitting Top Gear then followed by Richard and James. But the announcement of the production of The Grand Tour was a breath of relief and the motorist enthusiasts were extremely excited.We all know no one can present a motoring show better than this trio.

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The comeback of the trio was mind blowing. The trailers were intense and the opening scene of the season blew the viewer’s minds to smithereens. The trio in their supercars through the desert followed by countless supercars, super bikes, muscle cars, dirt bikes and many other vehicles was probably the most epic start to a show in the history of motoring shows.

The trailer of The Grand Tour season 2 has already been released. It looks more realistic and intense as some say Grand Tour and the Top Gear with the same presenters at its end lost the realistic touch and everything seemed too filmic. In the beginning of the trailer we see Jeremy going down a snowy cliff in a Jaguar. We can see the Jaguar doesn’t have ABS so the car is just sliding down the steep hill. We also see the three roaming around in supercars on a road which hints that they might be in Italy or somewhere close by European country. We do see some of the super fun stuff coming back as we see them blowing things away with firing up a fighter jet, also an off roader jumping around which most probably would be Richard as he has the taste for off-road vehicles. We do see some clips presuming they have been on a one of their long journeys in an African country.

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I am a very biased fan of Jeremy, Richard and James. I didn’t watch a single episode of Top Gear after all three of them left the show. I think no one can do a motoring show better than these three. There are still a few things I don’t like about the show. I don’t like the American NASCAR driver who is supposed to be a replacement for the character of Stig. Stig has millions of fans and the person never uttered a word in the entire life time of Top Gear. Yes, we aren’t talking about Top Gear but if there is a great need of a test driver then it can easily be someone with a little more character and personality. I also would like them to do more of they episodic journeys and show us more intense and entertaining adventures.

Well, the trailer is out and the date of the release is closing in. Let’s hope it’s a great show again.

Here is the video of the trailer!