The Dilemma Of Being A Perfectionist

The Dilemma Of Being A Perfectionist

The Dilemma Of Being A Perfectionist
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I have always been a perfectionist in both my personal and professional life. However, I never realized it until one day while attending a motivational training session, my trainer actually pointed me out for having personality traits of one.

Thinking more about it and digging deeper into it, I came to a conclusion that this struggle to be good at everything in my life is actually firing up the anxiety and is massively increasing my stress level. It was almost like an epiphany because suddenly I could understand all that was wrong with my fear of failure.

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But I took my AHA moment in a positive stride and started looking at things differently, especially when it came to my acts as a professional. First, came the acceptance of the fact that not all deadlines can be met and sometimes, it is alright to pace down and get a little scolding from the management. Then, I began to acknowledge the fact that being a perfectionist enables you to improve your work despite all the stress and so I would go for perfection any other day rather than doubting my abilities.

Just when I thought I was done with this self-reflection phase in my life, I had the worst nightmare which triggered the perfectionist in me all over again. Without going into the details of the dream the punch-line was that my current boss addressed me as, “On top of the worst employee’s list in the history of mankind” and cherry on top she told me, “You are always late to work”.

Now, let me tell you, in my books, getting late isn’t an option at all. If anything, I will be 30 minutes early to my work just to make sure that I don’t get late. This is how I have lived my entire life. I am just organized that way. Secondly, I have always ensured that my salary is rightfully earned down to the last penny.

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I know the dream didn’t mean anything in real. I was just going through a restless week, busy in meeting deadlines and the stress got to my head. However, it is my very honest opinion that being a perfectionist has its pros and cons. They can be over achievers but it is better to be a person who can take failure as a challenge, work on the errors and bring out better results rather than being someone who doesn’t want to fail and in this quest, ends up messing everything around. At the end of the day, all successful people to have existed in the world failed numerous times before claiming their way to fame.