Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Plastic Waste polluting Oceans

By 2050 Our Oceans Will Have More Plastic Waste Than Fish

Next time you throw away a plastic bottle after taking a few sips of water from it, please stop to consider how you might...
Youngsters planting neem saplings in Kimari

More Than 250 Neem Saplings Planted in Kiamari, Karachi

One of the biggest challenges emerging in mega-cities around the world is pollution. Due to the improper waste management and increasing urbanization of Karachi,...
Bani Gala littered by PTI supporters and policemen

Who Will Clean Bani Gala?

In anticipation of the dharna by Pakistan Tehreek-a-Insaf (PTI), scores of political workers and law enforcement personnel had set base in Bani Gala last week....

Students of Karachi University, Please Use Dustbins!

It is said, "A civilized society is recognized by the way it is kept." Going by this quote, we would have a hard time claiming...