Monday, December 11, 2017
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The Dilemma Of Being A Perfectionist

The Dilemma Of Being A Perfectionist

I have always been a perfectionist in both my personal and professional life. However, I never realized it until one day while attending a...

The Laughing Colors

Photography is not just about capturing scenes. In fact it’s about capturing moments that have the ability to define and give meaning to life....
open letter to an unemployed friend

An Open Letter To a Struggling Friend!

Dear Friend, I hope you are doing well now! The palpable despondency behind your feeble voice last night made me realize that this whole job...
INTROVERT - Might Not Say Much But Has a Universe Inside His Head

Life of an Introvert (Part 1)

The year was 2009 and I was desperate for a break. Extremely tired I said to a colleague of mine in the office, “It...