Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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viceroy's house

A Late Review of the Banned Movie, Viceroy’s House

Some movies/dramas take us back to the past days showing us the real miseries, struggles and passion with which our forefathers achieved the dream...
BRICS Summit and Pakistan

BRICS Summit Declaration and its Implications for Pakistan

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) are meeting at a summit in the Chinese city of Xiamen. The joint...
Donald Trump

How Twitter Reacted to Trump and His Afghan Policy Announcement

President Donald Trump announced an updated Afghan policy today in which he has backtracked from his promise to quickly end US wars across the...
Len Hutton

3 Cricketers Who Defeated Disability

Living with disability without a shadow of doubt is intimidating still, go-getters have no limits and know well how to turn a challenge into...
Pakistanis and Indians combine national Anthems

Pakistanis and Indians Combine Their National Anthems in This Heartwarming Video

Pakistan and India share a history that is certainly one of the most complex international relations in the modern world. The relationship is further complicated...

The Season of Upsets

The ongoing season of international cricket has been extremely unpredictable and hence, entertaining. The results that we have witnessed during the last few months...