Study Hacks

Study Hacks


We all know this guy or girl around us who always studies at the 11th hour and still manages to score pretty well. They don’t study the whole year. Their social media account is probably full of check – ins at all the happening places of the town. Chances are that they might also be on the sports team or a theatre club of your college or university. With all these distractions, their GPA still does not crash! One wonders who are they and what makes them so special?So what exactly do they do differently? The mystery unfolds today!

1-Say NO to all the distractions!!!
While preparing for you exams you have to block all the distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchate.t.c.  You just have to! It won’t only save you from doing badly but will also help in case of insomnia. According to a research at Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the light from the screens of our computers, smart phones and tablets reduces the production of Melatonin – a hormone which helps control our sleep. Thus, avoiding these gadgets would not only stop you from wasting your time but would also comfort your restlessness.


2- Force Start!
Just take the first step to mark the beginning of your task. This step can be you reading, writing or even listening. It always seems like a daunting task at first but once you kick start the activity, the rest perpetuates itself. Believe me it works!


3- Use Mnemonic Techniques.

The whole idea of using this technique is to decipher a hard to recall information or a sequence into something with which one can associate easily. So next time if you see someone narrating stories out loud to themselves while everyone is cramming the difficult formulas; think twice before starting a rumor about him/her being a dork. Chances are that this is the smartest kid of your lot.


4- Keep yourself motivated!
Do this by studying in a group, taking regular small breaks or rewarding yourself with a snack after certain intervals. This will keep you fresh and motivated, helping you in retaining knowledge.


5- Teach yourself or an imaginary audience.
Find yourself a number of hypothetical students and teach them what you have learned so far. Stuffed toys can be of great help too and in case you can’t find any, you can always teach yourself. Sure, it might freak some people out but they will get used to it with time.


6- Don’t pull an all-nighter
According to many researches, sleep deprivation ruins your memory, problem solving ability andconcentration. So, make sure to have an adequate amount of rest the night before the big day.


Hope you will be able to step up your game now!