Students of Karachi University, Please Use Dustbins!

Students of Karachi University, Please Use Dustbins!


It is said, “A civilized society is recognized by the way it is kept.”

Going by this quote, we would have a hard time claiming to be in the ranks of the civilized given the filth that has become an everyday sight in Karachi.

However, the citizens alone can’t be held responsible for the city’s polluted landscape since there are a number of factors that contribute to this pollution.

In my opinion the first and foremost step to keep the environment clean is to install dustbins in every locality of the city, especially those that are particularly busy areas. Unless the government takes it upon itself to ensure that there are sufficient dustbins in Karachi, citizens cannot be held accountable for throwing garbage on the ground.

That said, citizens aren’t entirely blame-free either as garbage continues to be a common sight even in places where there is img_20161018_112912-1a sufficient presence of dustbins.

Unfortunately, University of Karachi is one such place. What is surprising is that dustbins are commonplace almost everywhere in the University, since the importance of controlling refuse is crucial to the whole campus.

It is frustrating to see that students don’t use dustbins to put waste and garbage. Instead they seem to have found a new kind of dustbin called the environment!

Given that university youth – classified as highly educated – does not feel inclined to keep the surroundings clean, there is little point in expecting better behavior from other segments of the society.

I’m not asking my fellow university mates to embark on a campus-cleaning expedition (although there is nothing wrong with this id14794031_1154865684599664_1017215329_nea!) but I’m simply pleading with the students to take responsibility for disposing off their garbage properly.

It is my belief that the regular use of dustbins alone will be the most effective way of reducing trash on the campus and hence, making our environment clean.

A neat and clean environment has a cheerful effect on the on-lookers and symbolizes a civilization. It’s our responsibility to keep our institutions clean and develop a sense of civic responsibility.


  1. We really ignore the dustbin and through the trash on the street and then say going ahead why there is so much trash on the streets of our city 🙁