Locals Spread Love on both Sides of the Line of Control!

Locals Spread Love on both Sides of the Line of Control!


The fate of Kashmir hangs in balance for last seven decades and with it hangs the fate of hundreds of families who were separated during the 1947 sub-continent partition. Even though, once in a while people from both sides of the border somehow manage to meet one another; the lack of interaction over the years has resulted in widening the communication gap and hence, giving birth to stereotypes.

With the objective to bridge the communication gap, remove stereotypes and promote a softer image of Pakistan students of Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), AJK introduced a program titled “Peace Message at Line of Control (LoC)”.

The initiative was launched through the financial support of Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA) and during the event a peace campaign was organized for visitors from across the border. Moreover, roads of Abbaspur and Hajira were decorated for the buses that were arriving from or leaving for the other side of the LOC.

Additionally, Placards, banners and other tools were used to promote peace and a softer image of the country. The organizers remained hopeful that a similar response will follow from the other side and that such small steps would ultimately lead towards peace and prosperity on both sides of the border.