Inspirational Cricketers Who Defied the Odds

Inspirational Cricketers Who Defied the Odds

List of 5 inspirational cricketers

Cricket without a shadow of doubt is one of the most popular games in the world. Particularly, people living in the sub-continent are extremely passionate about the game and are quick to criticize when things don’t quite work the way we expect them to.

However, more often than not fans forget that most cricketers compete at the highest level despite suffering from physical injuries and mental pressures that they themselves would not be able to deal with.

For me a lot of cricketers from my generation were not only inspirational because they were able to play at the international level but also because they were able to believe in their dream even when the circumstances suggested otherwise.

Here is a list of five inspirational cricketers who were able to defy all odds to achieve what a lot of fans won’t even dream of.

5. Brian Lara


During the early 2000s Brian Lara suffered from Hepatitis-B. The condition is curable however, at times it can result in major malfunctioning of the liver. Moreover, the disease also has the ability of leading an individual towards sever anxiety and depression.

Still, the great batsman recovered and didn’t let the obstacle to stop him from scoring a world record 400 runs.

4. Michael Atherton

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The former England opener and captain suffered from a type of arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It is a degenerative condition during which there is inflammation in the joints of the spine.

The pain and depression that comes with the incurable disease is awful enough to cause problems at work for a lot of people. However, the Englishman had unbelievable will power that allowed him not only to battle the agony but also deliver consistently.

3. Michael Clarke


The former Australian batsman and captain had decimated discs in the spine at different levels. Moreover, the condition also gave way to other injuries in the hamstring and hip areas. The pain that generates as a result of the ailment generally forces a given individual into restricting his/her mobility.

The Aussie skipper however, braved the pain and kept diving his left and right throughout an illustrious career.

2. Wasim Akram


It is unfortunate that for a lot of people around the globe death bells begin to ring as soon as a diabetes diagnosis is announced. However, being a fighter at heart Wasim Akram did not allow the illness to come in his way and kept breaking one world record after the other.

1. Shoaib Akhtar


Shoaib Akhtar is truly a wonder boy of world cricket. He came from an extremely humble background and had to face numerous obstacles owing to poverty. Moreover, he had hyper-tension in different parts of his body because of which he was injury prone. Additionally, he was unable to walk until the age of five because of flat feet.

However, the speedster never gave up on the dream and combated poverty, pain, politics, circumstances, friends, foes and even his own mind and body to record the fastest delivery ever in the history of the game!

These five inspirational cricketers bring to life an important life lesson: “You’re already in pain; you’re already hurt; get a reward from it.”