EAT Takes Pan-Asian Cuisine To a Whole Different Level

EAT Takes Pan-Asian Cuisine To a Whole Different Level

EAT Restaurant Islamabad

I had been meaning to visit EAT for the last few months. But my husband and I usually eat out over the weekend along with a close friend. Since, our friend had already been to EAT a couple of times, each time we pleaded, “EAT,” he replied with, “Some new place!”

Last weekend however, we successfully persuaded him to accompany us to EAT for our weekly dinner. At 8:30 p.m. sharp that evening, we climbed the wooden staircase to enter the Pan-Asian restaurant.

Situated in the beloved Jinnah Super Market in Islamabad’s F-7 sector, EAT has a rather unconventional interior. Instead of opting for the usual fusion furniture, a loud signature wall and concealed kitchen, the interior designer has tried to give the restaurant a very tropical feel.

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The restaurant consists of simple, light-weight furniture in hues of forest brown and there is no signature wall in sight. In place of a colourful wall, the restaurant has huge glass walls with miniature plants dangling from the roof. To sum up the “tropical look,” bamboo sticks tastefully line-up against the gigantic windows.

Taking the road less traveled, EAT flaunts an open kitchen. Where most eateries would shy away from giving their customers a glimpse of their cookhouse, EAT gets full marks for artfully accommodating a scullery within the dining area.

EAT Restaurant Islamabad interior review

As usual, we were half starved by the time we reached the restaurant. Needless to say, we immediately busied ourselves with deciding the menu for the evening.

For starters we ordered a serving of Silk Prawns. The main course, on the other hand consisted of Thai Red Curry, Egg Fried Rice (because sticky rice wasn’t available) and Grilled Fish with Butter Lime Sauce.

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The starters took about 10 minutes more than the anticipated time to arrive. However, we were engaged in an animated discussion and the restaurant was jam packed, so we didn’t mind the delay. Although, once the Silk Prawns were served, we immediately dropped all talk to quell the protests of our empty tummies.

Silk Prawns at EAT Islamabad
Photo Credits: Khurram Saleem

I hadn’t tasted Silk Prawns before so admittedly I was most curious to try them out. The platter consisted of four large prawns, glazed in honey-mustard sauce and covered with thin potato strips. At first they tasted like good, old regular prawns; however the after taste created by the honey-mustard sauce is what made this dish stand out! Loved every last fork-full!

Following closely on the toes of the Silk Prawns, arrived our main course.

Red Curry with Rice
Photo Credit: Khurram Saleem

The red curry and rice were good but it was the Grilled Fish with Butter Lime Sauce that held the delicious oomph.

Grilled Fish with Butter Lime Sauce at EAT
Image Source: Khurram Saleem

The taste came in waves with every grinding movement of the mouth revealing a new spice to the palate. My compliments to the chef for the perfection that was EAT’s Grilled Fish with Butter Lime Sauce.

On the whole, EAT is a great new addition to the city’s growing profile of Pan-Asian eateries. There’s so much more their menu had to offer than we could possibly explore in one sitting. For this reason, I know I’ll be visiting EAT again very soon; you should too!