Candidly Yours | Episode 5 | Tayyaba Ch

Candidly Yours | Episode 5 | Tayyaba Ch


In Episode 5 of Candidly Yours, team Bolo Jawan had an exclusive chit chat with Tayyaba Ch – Pakistan’s first professional female boxer from Punjab province.

Tayyaba Ch spoke about her journey from a simple student to a national athlete; the support of her family – especially her father – that helped her overcome self doubt and her aspirations as the first professional female boxer from Punjab.

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Tayyaba Ch also shared her excitement about the upcoming Commonwealth Games for which she is currently preparing.

Apart from this, team Bolo Jawan also had a fun Rapid Fire session with her. Her candid answers were definitely the highlight of this interview!

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There was also a, “Cool or Uncool” line of questioning! You’ll have to watch the interview to know what she thinks about celebrities like Salman Khan and Mahira Khan and her take on junk food!

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Catch, Punjab’s first female boxer, Tayyaba Ch and her super fun interview on Bolo Jawan’s podcast, Candidly Yours!

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