Candidly Yours – Episode 1 – Darvesh The Band

Candidly Yours – Episode 1 – Darvesh The Band


In the first episode of our podcast, Candidly Yours, we have with us the very talented, Darvesh.

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Darvesh became a household name with their stint on the current season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Their unique sound and energy have attracted a lot of fans but there’s very little that we know about their back story.

So, here we are asking them all sorts of questions and getting the most hilariously candid responses in return!

We had a great time having this fun gup-shup with Darvesh and hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did!

Click on the video to watch the full podcast.

Team Bolo Jawan:

Interview: Amna Kareem

Editing: Afshar Iqbal