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Afshar Iqbal
Afshar Iqbal The author is Islamabad based and his areas of interest include religion, sports, entrepreneurship, advocacy, psychology, media and communications. He blogs at and tweets at @AfsharIqbal (

Admin Webmaster and Website Administrator

Areebah Shahid
Areebah Shahid A doting mother. An apologetic idealist; knows world peace and absolute emancipation from human suffering are impossible to achieve but believes in miracles! πŸ™‚ HUGE movie buff!! Occasionally tweets @AreebahShahid

Amna Karim
Amna Karim Still on that cliched journey of self discovery! Have the attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. Clumsy but witty! Atleast that is what I would like to believe.

Araiz Shahid
Araiz Shahid Still figuring out my identity. Love books.

Aisha Ahmed

Ayesha Kareem

Ammar Zafarullah


Hisham Khan


Ezaz Ahmed Khan

Tahir Shahzad Hi, This is Tahir Shahzad,

He is a poet, researcher, mentor, social worker and now a blogger. Yes this diversity keeps life busy surrounded by vibes of introvert.

By profession he is full stack web developer and seeking knowledge to improving skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Zareen Khan
Zareen Khan Love to travel. Die hard foodie. Love Sufi music and Urdu literature. Quitting is never an option!

Talia Manzoor

Rahman Ullah Khan
Rahman Ullah Khan Rahman Ullah is currently exploring the enigma that is his existence; he frequently indulges in procrastination, gaming and reading of all sorts.

News Desk

Yusra Qadir
Yusra Qadir A sociologist, human rights practitioner and Erasmus Mundus scholar. Contributing to development through an INGO. Tweets at @yusraqadir

Khurram Saleem

Usman Farooq
Usman Farooq I've always been an avid reader and insatiable learner, I started rearranging bits and bytes to make the computer behave the way I wanted, and help others understand the nonsense technology can be sometimes. Despite this love-hate relationship I've had with computers and the web, it is the thing I am most interested in.

After that I started developing android apps . And android is such an interesting field despite of some hard coding and experiences I love to make android apps.
I am also doing Search engine optimization and running some successful blogs as well.



Sonia Akmal Law student. Much more interested in writing on social issues and happenings.

Zain-ul-Abideen Sherazi

Hira Zareen
Hira Zareen Believe in power of pen.

Farah Asad

Feroz Jamali

Nisha Jaffer
Nisha Jaffer An Indian Muslim interested in global citizenship.

Awais Syed
Awais Syed doin BS in Communication & Media Studies, RJ,
& in Bolo Jawan m serving as a Chief Editor in Editorial Board of Mansehra.


Ahwaz Siddiqi

S. M Ali
S. M Ali Sports enthusiast and a big fan of arts and creativity. Loves writing and music. Called a philosopher in a few circles due to overthinking.

Sohaib Bin Noor
Sohaib Bin Noor Editor In Chief Islamabad Desk, Journalist, Anchorperson, Political Analyst

Syed Omer Nadeem

Kanwal Ashfaque
Kanwal Ashfaque I write about the things I feel strongly about.

Usman Khalid
Usman Khalid Mr. Usman Khalid is a student of art and architecture. He has studied about cultural studies, contemporary arts, painting, applied arts, and architecture. Moreover, he has gained an updated knowledge on historical and cultural aspects of different regions along with the integration of these aspects with modern art. He is looking forward to becoming a prospective researcher and an architect.


Valerie Khan

Iqra A. Hussain Let me know what you think of my pieces!

Arslan Akhtar Ali Currently pursuing my degree in Media & Mass Communication from International Islamic University, Islamabad. My aim is to break the social stigma related to mental illness/psychological disorders prevailing in the society of Pakistan and to spread psychological awareness. I am also Founder and Head of blog "Psychology Forever" where I share real life struggles and motivational stories of people.

Nadya Zaidi

Rimsha Sheikh
Rimsha Sheikh Currently pursuing degree in mass communication & media from university of gujrat, Gujrat....
wants to join professional media, love to read islamic books, listening qawali(s)

Baharay Gul

Adnan Anjum Syed Akhter
Adnan Anjum Syed Akhter The author is a researcher on parliamentary and electoral affairs and a Chevening Scholar. He has a master degree in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) – University of Sussex. Currently, he is working with Democracy Reporting International (DRI) for parliamentary and electoral reforms in Pakistan. He tweets as @dnananjum

Nimra Naeem

Storiya Iqbal
Storiya Iqbal Proud sister of Mishal Khan (shaheed). Living to keep my brother's mission alive.

Faizi Bhatti
Faizi Bhatti A student of Media Sciences at University of Hazara.

Hafiz Abdul Mannan

Aiman Ali


Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq He successfully launched content based mobile apps, websites, blogs and VAS (Value Added Services) products at all major telecoms. Worked in Products, Marketing and Account Management capacity with the no 1 4G data network Zong and many other telecoms. He has expertise in launching the products as white label as well as Telco branded. Umar is the founder of and has this vision to provide top rated content to the readers.
The TBD (Tech BY Day) team can be reached at

Farshad Iqbal Farshad is a Technology Blogger from Pakistan who is currently associated with a number of international technology blogs.

Sidra Humayun
Sidra Humayun Director
Loug –The People
Sidra Humayun has ten years of development sector experience in handling particularly handling of Rape/GBV survivors, women, girls, boys in Pakistan. She has also conducted several researches on child survivors of sexual abuse and research on Incest Victims.
I can be reached at

Sana Ghouri

Ikram Maseed
Ikram Maseed Student of Roots Ivy River View Campus. Working to set up my own organization. Interested in citizen journalism.

Rabiya Maqbool
Rabiya Maqbool Book lover. Introvert. Always looking to learn something new!

Hira Iqbal Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself. All you need is a little bit of faith and patience.

Yamna Khan I m Yamna khan, Student of University of Karachi..

faisalbashir900 *Chemical Engineering Student
*Short Story Writer
*Social Worker
*Youth Activist


Bushra Rajput

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Junaid Raza
Junaid Raza A random guy from nowhere.

AyeshaShamim Fancies art, football and books.

Aitzaz Ahsan


zeeshan jamil

Umair Bilal Yousafzai

Aimal salang Social,Political and Peace Activist working on Human Rights, Male and Female liberation, Peace, Pluralism and Education

zarakkhan421 Student Of Telecommunication Engineering At Uet Peshawar(Mardan Campus).

Staff Report

Asfandyar ahmad
Asfandyar ahmad My name is asfandyar ahmed . I belong to Peshawar and in 2016 i completed a master in international relation subject from qurtuba university of peshawar and now i want peace create in all the world means if any parties conflict arose so i try to resolve the conflict through communication or negotation.

Natasha Khalid


Raza Haider

Arslan javaid
Arslan javaid Humanity is first priority for me

Hassan Gulfam

Rabia Khalid Proud to b Muslim Allahumdulliah

Abdullah Azzam

ahmedammmm An Army Brat . Always dreamt about writing for my Pakistan and the national and domestic issued encountered .