Sunday, February 25, 2018


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Yusra Qadir

Yusra Qadir
A sociologist, human rights practitioner and Erasmus Mundus scholar. Contributing to development through an INGO. Tweets at @yusraqadir

Zainab, Politics, Media And Us

7 year old Zainab
I tried. I try to not watch TV or listen to the news. I specifically try to not get into details of harrowing incidents. I...

We Need To Talk About Ethical Considerations In Electronic Media

Media Ethics
The coverage provided by media to condemnable cases of abuse and harassment of women and girls proves that media has flourished enough to step...

Vendetta on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day ban in Pakistan
Valentine’s day evolved from Christian tradition (big surprise – it isn’t Jewish!). While the origins and details about Saint Valentine are still shrouded in...

Gender Discrimination: What Pakistan Needs to Do

Gender Discrimination has been at the core of the debate around universal access to human rights. It continues to be a reality with practical...