Wednesday, February 21, 2018


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Usman Farooq

Usman Farooq
I've always been an avid reader and insatiable learner, I started rearranging bits and bytes to make the computer behave the way I wanted, and help others understand the nonsense technology can be sometimes. Despite this love-hate relationship I've had with computers and the web, it is the thing I am most interested in. After that I started developing android apps . And android is such an interesting field despite of some hard coding and experiences I love to make android apps. I am also doing Search engine optimization and running some successful blogs as well. Facebook: LinkedIn:

After Millions Of Offensive Comments, One Woman Is On A Mission...

cyber bullying experience of a women
Ashley VanPevenage had her face makeup done in a beauty parlor. The makeup artist captured before and after images and posted them to Instagram. And...

Era of Digital Citizenship and Needs of Today’s Youth

We live in modern times of exceptional digital advancements and innovation. Technology is shifting and growing rapidly across the world. Today’s youth are digital...

Terabit Fiber Optic Speeds Just Came Nearer to Reality

Terabit Fiber Optic Speeds Just Came Nearer to Reality
Nokia and Deutsche Telekom have achieved 1 Terabit in the field, thanks to smart transmissions. Researchers have been revealing terabit data speeds in fiber optics...