Wednesday, February 21, 2018


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Talia Manzoor

Talia Manzoor

A Citizen’s Rant on Panamagate Verdict

So, it took Supreme Court more than 2 months to announce their verdict on the “Panama Case” after issuing a statement that the verdict...

4 Ways to Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is a common medical condition in which a person is unable to sleep. Additional symptoms include waking up several times during sleep or...

Our Pakistan

Well, I was capturing what everyone was painting on the wall and something caught my eye. It was a competition for the youth which aimed...

The Laughing Colors

Photography is not just about capturing scenes. In fact it’s about capturing moments that have the ability to define and give meaning to life....

Another March, Another Spring

Spring Season in Pakistan
When we think about March, what comes to our minds are blooming flowers, colors of nature and new beginnings. It is that time of...

General Raheel Sharif – The Nation Salutes You!

General Raheel Sharif
I know this piece is coming a few months too late, given that General Raheel Sharif retired from his post as Pakistan's Chief of...