Thursday, January 18, 2018
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3 Conditions That Should Apply To Every Pakistani Contesting Elections

Shabaz Sharif coming out from metro bus lahore
Democracy in Pakistan has always been the victim of a series of unfortunate events. It has either been derailed by repeated military coups or...

3 Reasons Why The Trailer of Rangreza Impressed Us

Rangreza Pakistani film
The last quarter of the year has brought with it one blockbuster potential trailer after the other. It started with Parchi, followed by Verna...

3 Types of Employees that are a Supervisor’s Nightmare

Employer Yelling at Employee
Well, it is just normal that people generally don’t appreciate their supervisors worldwide for one reason or the other. Nevertheless, there are always two...

Pak vs World XI: How Twitterati Reacted

Photo Courtesy: ICC Facebook Page
The ongoing Independence Cup promises to open a window of opportunity for the revival of international cricket in Pakistan. The event as expected has...

3 Pakistanis who Earned Fame through Social Media

Taher Shah
Social Media has been a definite game changer over the last few years and it has allowed an ordinary person to connect with the...

5 Things that Pakistan is Famous for

Pakistan is culturally diverse and there are a number of factors that allow the country to stand out. Here is a look at top...