Monday, March 27, 2017
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Areebah Shahid

Areebah Shahid
A doting mother. An apologetic idealist; knows world peace and absolute emancipation from human suffering are impossible to achieve but believes in miracles! :) HUGE movie buff!! Occasionally tweets @AreebahShahid

To Junaid Jamshed With Love

Junaid Jamshed
My brother and I were headed to the market last evening when the news bulletin on the car radio announced that PK-661 carrying 48 passengers...

Non-Implementation of Article 25-A Biggest Hurdle in Girls’ Education

Non-implementation of Artcile 25-A a hurdle in girls education in Pakistan
Patriarchal values heavily govern the social structure in most parts of the Pakistani society. A woman is expected to take care of the home as...

Tiger Temple Brings Thai Food to Town

Tiger Temple Islamabad
Sana Nadeem Taj and Shahram Sheikh are among the young breed of entrepreneurs who are taking it upon themselves to make Thai food a...

An Angry Rant in the Wake of Quetta Attack

Police Training Center Quetta
We’ve seen this happen before: terrorists barging into our institutes, slaughtering our people and leaving behind a trail of bodies that deserved a longer...

Chattha’s: A Delight for Desi Food Lovers

There was a time when some of my friends would embark on a four hour journey at the break of dawn to enjoy an...

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Pakistan and India

In view of the escalating hostilities in the region, the author writes an open letter to the citizens of Pakistan and India.
Dear  Citizens, No matter which side of the border you belong to, no matter what your faith, your ethnicity or your political affiliation might be,...