Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Amna Karim

Amna Karim
Still on that cliched journey of self discovery! Have the attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. Clumsy but witty! Atleast that is what I would like to believe.

4 Reasons Why Irfan Junejo Inspires Us!  

Earlier this year when I was writing about a budding vlogger from Pakistan, I had no idea that only 6 months later I would...

An Open Letter To a Struggling Friend!

open letter to an unemployed friend
Dear Friend, I hope you are doing well now! The palpable despondency behind your feeble voice last night made me realize that this whole job...

I Have a Question: Are We Not Racially Profiling the Pushtuns?!

racial profiling PASHTUN QUESTION
Continuing the sequence of my blog series, “I have a Question”, here I am standing baffled with a new set of questions to throw...

Meet Irfan Junejo – A Budding Vlogger From Pakistan

Recent fall out regarding the family-only policy by the organizers of Karachi Eat Food Festival got everyone talking either against or in favor of the...

I Have a Question: The Feminism Debate

Aristotle once said, “Human beings are curious by nature.” I could not agree more. The inquisitive zeal of mankind, to question new phenomena, find...

This Baloch Rapper Took The Internet By Storm!

Abid Brohi Rapping for Patarivideo
Social media has played a vital role in introducing many hidden Pakistani talents to the world. This time it’s no different. Abid Brohi broke...