Friday, June 23, 2017
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Deadline Day: A Quick Round-up

With only a few hours remaining before this year’s summer transfer window closes let's take a quick look at what the Deadline Day seems to have in store!
Football clubs are currently in a race against time to sign the most lucrative recruits for the 2016/17 season. With only a few hours...

Teaser Out: Salute Pays Tribute to Aitzaz Hassan

Saima and Ali Mohtesham feature on the theatrical poster of Salutevideo
Producer and Director, Shahzad Rafique returns after a gap of four years with "Salute". The film narrates the events leading to the martyrdom of Aitzaz...

Our Children Deserve Better!

There is no other alternative but for all stakeholders to collectively share the responsibility of protecting the rights of our children and giving them a chance at a safer and happier childhood!
While children across the globe deserve compassion and security, children of today’s world are subjected to various forms of violence. In more cases, children...

Teaser Out: Lahore se Aagey

The teaser trailer of Wajahat Rauf’s, Lahore se Aagey, came out today. The teaser that is 32 seconds long is focused. Rather than trying to...

Hockey for Peace – Reviving Hope!

There was a time when Pakistan used to rule the world of hockey. It is our national game however, with the passage of time...


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